Barry's Bar & Grill - The Nebraska Bar

Job 52463 - Security
Lincoln, NE

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Job Details

Location: Lincoln, NE
Employment Type: Part-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Basic Function: You will be part of a team that is responsible for protecting the bar and its clients. Security needs to be friendly and outgoing, but also able to be serious and cool under pressure when situations arise.

Reports to: Security Supervisor and other management


 Friendly and outgoing, able to communicate and get along with other employees an customers.

Flexible and able to adapt to varying situations

Team Player

Able to understand and adhere to established rules and state laws without deviation.

Not afraid to tell someone “NO” and be able to adhere to the decision.

Essential Functions:

* Always present yourself respectively and friendly throughout your shift.

* If working an entry door, check IDs and collect cover if one is required.

* Prevent actions that would harm the bar; i.e. drinks leaving the building, minors drinking, outside drinks in the premise, etc…

* Deescalate situations without violence, prevent harm to other staff or clients.

* Help clean the bar at the end of the night and prepare it for business the next day.

* Be available most Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday nights.

* Be available to work most or all Game Days. The bar is 3 blocks from the stadium, so we will be busy most of, if not all of, the day on Game Days.

Working skills, knowledge and conditions:

* Good communication and social skills

* Understanding basic liquor laws

* Self-motivated and great at taking directions

* Able to stand 95% of your shift and move quit often



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